Beijing Chapter Event 1 March 2012 - 2012 CRE & FM Appreciation Dinner

Beijing Chapter Event 1 March 2012 - 2012 CRE & FM Appreciation Dinner


2012 CRE & FM Appreciation Dinner 龙年团拜会

6:30 - 9:00 pm, Thursday, March 1st, 2012

You are invited to attend the CoreNet Global Beijing Chapter 2012 after Spring Festival End-user (only) Appreciation Dinner on the 1st of March 2012, to extend our sincere thanks for your great support to the CoreNet development 2011 in Beijing. It will be a seasonal greeting, networking and warm hospitality night after the CNY.  we would like also to listen to your feedbacks and suggestions.  Lucky draws are waiting for you. Please circle your calendar this big day!

We would like to take this opportunity and thanks for ICD’s general support to this event. At the event their representative will give us introduction on how Megapxel camera help building management and further CCTV development trend.

CoreNet Global is an international platform for sharing corporate real estate and facility management knowledge and know how among the members and close associates. We would like to further develop and growth together with you in the year 2012. Please have the event details below for you information, and RSVP is a must due to seat limit.
CoreNet Global, 国际企业房地资产与设施管理学会 旨在围绕大型企业房地资产与设施的经营和管理业务,提供知识和经验、战略与协调,并以研究和教育为主导,为促进会员个人事业和企业的发展,并满足企业对生产和经营空间的使用要求,从而达到协同公司总体战略目标的目的。我们深知在发展的道路上离不开您的合作与支持,故在2012春节之后,在京城3月万象伊始与更新之际,真诚邀请CoreNet在京会员和企业负责房地资产与设施管理的朋友们来参加我们新春团拜晚宴,与您共话友情、展望行业将来。并希望听取您对2012年工作计划的建议。



TIME:        6:30 - 9: 00 PM,   星期四,March 1st, 2012
COST:      Free for the End-user Invitees;   此次活动免费并只针对邀请者
Hilton Beijing Hotel ZETA Bar, 1 Dong Fang Rd, North Dongsanhuan Rd
Beijing, China, 100027. Tel: (+86) 10 5865 5000

RSVP  预约:
Please reserve your seat for this unique event by contacting Cindy Hou before Wednesday, February 29th. Email:, Tel:  (+86) 136 0131 3215. Seats are limited, only the first 30 will be guaranteed seats.

如想参加本次活动请于2月29日(星期三)前登记通过电子邮件发到 或直接回复邮件报名本次活动名额有限,仅对最先预约的30人保证名额

We look forward to seeing you on the 1st March!


Martin Ecknig
Chair, China Chapter
CoreNet Global

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